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HTML5 Slide Deck Posted

October 12th, 2011 Posted in IE, Tech | 1 Comment »

The HTML5 slide deck I used for my BUILD Windows presentation is now available here.

Besides fixing a couple bugs in my use of HTML5 History, I made a few changes to make sure it ran in all recent browsers as much as possible. I use feature detection and provide a notice to the user if a particular feature isn’t available. Except for a couple visual effects and the new advanced layout features, it works pretty well across all recent browsers. You can also download the PowerPoint version.

I’m sure it has plenty of bugs left and room for improvement in the coding patterns but hopefully you find it useful.


Windows 8 and IE10: What’s new in HMTL5, JavaScript, and CSS3?

September 19th, 2011 Posted in IE, Speaking | 2 Comments »

Last week I presented at BUILD Windows on new technologies in IE10/Windows 8.  The features I showed are available to sites running in IE10 and Metro style apps built for Windows in HTML.

The session is a high-level overview of what’s available – and still doesn’t cover everything – so if you’d like to learn more about these features check out the IE10 Dev Guide, which lists all the new functionality in IE10, and these other great sessions by my colleagues on the IE team:

The session recordings are only available in h.264

UPDATE: My slides are now available here.

HTML5 Demos and IE9 Launch

March 15th, 2011 Posted in IE, Tech | Comments Off

Yesterday’s browser wars panel was a discussion rather than a presentation so we decided not to use demos.  That’s great for the panel but a few people talking about the web isn’t nearly as cool as the great things developers and designers have built on the web.

With that in mind, Arun (the moderator) collected a list of demos from each of us to showcase some of the new and emerging technologies.  All are very cool, but, not surprisingly, my favorites are a few from Beauty of the Web:

And if you didn’t hear yet, IE9 launched on Monday night!  2.3 million people downloaded IE9 in the first 24 hours. If you weren’t one of them, download it now at

To celebrate, the IE team hosted a party at Austin City Limits Live.  The venue is incredible and the setup for the party was amazing.  Add an open bar and three great bands and you have the best party I’ve been to in a long time.  Pop 17 has a video and here are some other shots:



IE9 Party at ACL Live

Speaking at SxSW

March 5th, 2011 Posted in IE, Tech | Comments Off

I’m going to SxSW for the first time this year.  Besides the obvious excitement around the festival (and my first trip to Austin), I’m excited to be part of the Browser Wars panel.  The other panelists are rather accomplished people and I’m looking forward to the conversation and, of course, talking about IE9 and HTML5. 

The IE team’s even throwing a party with free drinks and good bands so if you’re around, be sure to stop by the party on Monday night.

See you in (hopesfully sunny) Austin!

A Reminder of Why I’m Proud to be American

July 4th, 2010 Posted in Misc | 1 Comment »

Finding problems in this country isn’t difficult.  Some would even point to the process trying to make the country better as the primary problem.  But watching the World Cup reminded me why I’m proud to be American.

While the US team’s hard-working, don’t-quit attitude and resulting success made me proud, I’m thinking of something different: their names.

Brad Guzan
Marcus Hahnemann
Tim Howard
Carlos Bocanegra
Jonathan Bornstein
Steve Cherundolo
Jay DeMerit
Clarence Goodson
Oguchi Onyewu
Jonathan Spector
DaMarcus Beasley
Michael Bradley
Ricardo Clark
Clint Dempsey
Maurice Edu
Benny Feilhaber
Stuart Holden
José Torres
Jozy Altidore
Edson Buddle
Landon Donovan
Robbie Findley
Herculez Gomez

Unlike most national teams, you can’t look at a player’s name and know the team he plays for.  It’s only in the lack of a common origin when looking at the entire group do you realize it’s the US.  From Donovan to Gomez, Hahnemann to Onyewu, I’m reminded that this country is a mix of people from all across the world.  And as a first-generation American, and someone who believe it’s the spirit of the people who come here from around the world that make this country great, I’m proud. 

Happy Fourth of July!

NT konference in Portoroz, Slovenia

May 24th, 2010 Posted in IE, Travel | 1 Comment »

Hello from Portoroz!

I’m at NT konferenca, a Microsoft conference in Slovenia, speaking on Internet Explorer 9.  So far the trip has been great.  The event isn’t the size of Microsoft MIX or TechEd, but there’s an amazing energy.  Partner booths are everywhere and people are excited about the sessions. 

It’s also great to see the momentum behind Internet Explorer 8.  Here are a few examples…

And my favorite:

This is my first trip to Slovenia and what I’ve seen is simply beautiful.  This morning I woke up to this view from my room’s balcony:

You can see all my pictures from the conference as I upload them here.

It’s just fun to say – Buble. See? (It’s okay, you can say it again)

April 6th, 2010 Posted in Music | Comments Off

I’ve listened to Michael Buble for a while – as a jazz fan I like the music and he simply has an amazing voice.  So when I had the opportunity to see him in person, I jumped on the chance.  The show was last Saturday at Key Arena and he did not disappoint.

He sounds just as good live as he does in recordings.  A 13-piece big band backs him up, which I love hearing, and they even got to solo.

He surprised me with his humor.  For example, one woman in the front row would not stop screaming, even when he was just talking.  He addressed her several times, the first time saying, “wow, you’re crazy.  you love me now, but one day in my career you’ll probably kill me.”

Here are a few shots:

IMG_5013 IMG_4999 IMG_4998

Pacific Northwest Tour: Whidbey Island

August 3rd, 2009 Posted in Sightseeing, Travel | 1 Comment »

In my five years living in Seattle, I’ve visited many parts of the Pacific Northwest, but still haven’t made it to some of the most talked-about areas.  Last weekend I decided to day trip to one of those places – Whidbey Island – and I wasn’t disappointed.

I drove north of Whidbey Island on I-5 and came down onto the island across Deception Pass.  When I first arrived, heavy fog blanketed the area.  I couldn’t see one end of the bridge from the other or anywhere close to the water below me.  By the time I hiked a couple hours through Deception Pass State Park, though, the fog had lifted.  These two shots capture the change pretty well:

Whidbey Island-13 Whidbey Island-39

The area is simply beautiful.  The water was blue and clear and the islands make an excellent backdrop.

I drove south from Deception Pass to Ebey’s Landing, the start of another hike I’d like to take in the future.  By now the weather was perfect and the Olympic peninsula and mountain range made for a great backdrop.  I didn’t see any whales surfacing but hopefully will on another trip.

Whidbey Island-53 Whidbey Island-51

I kept driving south through the island and took the ferry from Clinton to Mukilteo and back to Seattle to finish a great day (with a stop at Albertson’s for my favorite summer beer: Kona Brewery Longboard.  Kona also makes my favorite winter beer: Pipeline Porter).

Check out the rest of my photos here.

Photo Touch-Ups

July 6th, 2009 Posted in Photography | Comments Off

I’ve started using Lightroom to manage my photos and tweaked a few from my hike on Mt. Pilchuk.  I’m not sophisticated about it at all, but I’m learning.  I think they look pretty good.  Here’s a favorite:

Bing it!

July 2nd, 2009 Posted in Tech | Comments Off

Bing has received some great press recently, and I thought I’d share this one from TechCrunch

If you haven’t tried Bing yet, you should.  They do a great job for all queries and an excellent job for certain types.  For example, try ‘american airlines’ or ‘bmw’.  You’ll find categories of results to help you find exactly what you need.

Bing Travel is my favorite, though.  Search for a flight and it’ll tell you whether to buy or wait based on its prediction of how prices will change.  You can then subscribe to email alerts for that search so you know when to buy.  It’s incredibly helpful.

And the homepage pictures are simply beautiful.  I love seeing the image each day and learning a few new things.  Here’s a recent one…